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About Us

At Alpha Beta Disability we are committed to serving individuals with disabilities and their families. With a focus on empathy, innovation, and inclusivity, we offer a wide range of support services tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to advocate for accessibility, equality, and social integration, striving to create a world where everyone can thrive regardless of ability.

Our fully accessible centre, provides the opportunity to play, laugh, and create lasting memories. With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility at the forefront of our mission, we have designed a vibrant and welcoming space where individuals of all abilities can participate fully in a wide range of exciting activities. From adaptive equipment, a commercial kitchen for cooking classes, a sensory room, music room, a cinema room to trained staff members dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for every visitor, we strive to remove barriers and create opportunities for joy and connection.

Our Services

Alpha Beta Disability understands that each person has their own special needs and therefore would require support that suits their lifestyle. We offer a variety of services to cater for your specifc needs and on your terms.

Every person has the #RightToBeSeen

We believe in the power of community and collaboration to drive positive change, and we are proud to be a trusted ally and resource for individuals and families navigating the journey of disability. We are dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives by providing comprehensive support services, advocating for inclusive policies, and fostering a community that celebrates diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all.

Specialising in Group Social Programs

Our kids and adult group programs focus on promoting social skills, fostering friendships, and encouraging creative expression through a variety of fun and interactive activities. From art and music therapy sessions to inclusive sports, cooking classes, recreational outings and many more, clients can explore their interests, build confidence, and form meaningful connections with peers in a supportive and inclusive setting.

Our clients love Alpha Beta

Our dedication to excellence and commitment to fostering inclusive environments has earned us numerous glowing reviews from our satisfied clients and community members.

Here are some frequently asked questions

Our accessible centre has been designed to cater for all disabilities, whether it be physical or cognitive disabilties our services cater for everyone.

We offer a wide range of services from Kids School Holiday Programs, Adult Day Programs, Individual support work, Household Gardening, Household Cleaning and many more!

Enrolling with Alpha Beta couldn’t be easier! Simply give us a call on 1300 ALPHA B (1300 257 422) or email us on [email protected] to enquire or enroll.

They most certainly are! Our Accessible centre has been designed with clients with physical disabilties in mind!

We definitely do, with all our programs, transport is covered within the total daily cost.

We understand that the cost of activities can add up and thats why we decided to cover the full cost of all activities.

We are always looking for enthusiatic staff to join our team, to enquire about employment, simply give us a call on 1300 ALPHA B or email us on [email protected].

Getting quality care with Alpha Beta Disability is easier than ever